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          Shitla Road Equipments

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          359, Gidc, B/h. Sarvodaya Bank, Dediyasan, Mehsana-384002., Mahesana, Gujarat - 384002, India

          Mobile : +91-9825031838

          Phone : +91-2762-224482

          Fax : +91-2762-224771


          Asphalt Batch Mix plant

          Asphalt Batch Mix plant

          We offer Asphalt Batch Mix Plants that are designed to provide high performance and cater efficiently to the requirements of construction industry. We offer different models of Asphalt Batch Mix plant with varied capacities to meet the demands of the clients. Today, we are listed as one of the prime Asphalt Mixing Plants Manufacturers India. All the components used in the Asphalt Batch Mix Plants are fabricated from superior materials. This ensures excellent performance and a long functional life. In the years since our establishment, we have come to be recognized as a reliable Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Supplier in India.

          Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Consists Of

          • Cold aggregates Bin Feeder
          • Dryer Drum
          • Burner
          • Bag House Filter Unit
          • Hot Aggregates Bucket elevator
          • Four deck Vibrating Screen
          • Hot Aggregate Bin
          • Pug Mill type Mixer Unit
          • Pneumatic control system
          • Filler feeding system
          • Bitumen tank
          • Fuel storage tank
          • Foreign Filler Silo
          • Computerized Control Cabin

          Salient Features

          • Low maintenance cost
          • Low power consumption
          • Better spares availability
          • High performance


          Certification ISO 9001:2008
          Application Mixing Asphalt
          Weight 100-1000kg
          Voltage 110V
          Automatic Grade Automatic
          Driven Type Electric
          Warranty 1year
          Power(W) 1-3kw

          Asphalt Batch Mix Plant 01

          Asphalt Batch Mix Plant 01

          Asphalt Batch Mix Plant 02

          Asphalt Batch Mix Plant 02

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