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          Shitla Road Equipments

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          359, Gidc, B/h. Sarvodaya Bank, Dediyasan, Mehsana-384002., Mahesana, Gujarat - 384002, India

          Mobile : +91-9825031838

          Phone : +91-2762-224482

          Fax : +91-2762-224771


          Asphalt Boiler

          Asphalt Boiler

          Listed among the leading Asphalt Boiler Manufacturers in India, Shitla Road Equipments is engaged into offering best quality Asphalt Boilers that are manufactured in accordance with the set industrial standards. They are fabricated using superior materials and ensure that asphalt is effectively heated to the required temperature. We offer this boiler in different specifications as per the clients requirement. As reliable Bitumen Asphalt Boiler Exporters, we have managed to establish a loyal customer base in offshore markets too. The quality aspect is strictly adhered to at every stage of manufacturing and exporting to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


          • High efficiency
          • Available with different length brushes
          • Longer working life
          • Low maintenance cost

          Suitable For Asphalt

          • Jointing
          • Setting
          • Roofing


          Material Cast Iron, Mild Steel
          Certification ISI Certified
          Application Liquid Boiling
          Weight 100-1000kg
          Voltage 110V
          Fuel Coal
          Capacity 2-4Tph
          Power 3-6kw
          Driven Type Electric

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