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          Shitla Road Equipments

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          359, Gidc, B/h. Sarvodaya Bank, Dediyasan, Mehsana-384002., Mahesana, Gujarat - 384002, India

          Mobile : +91-9825031838

          Phone : +91-2762-224482

          Fax : +91-2762-224771


          Bitumen Pressure

          Bitumen Pressure Distributor

          We are a renowned Truck Mounted Bitumen Pressure Supplier and Manufacturer India. We specialize in Manufacturing and Supplying top quality Bitumen Pressure , which is highly demanded among the customers for its superior performance. Our range of Bitumen Pressure is tested on various parameters by our experts in order to ensure that customers get only the best from us. The Asphalt Pressure ensures smooth uniform distribution of pressure over the asphalt in construction projects. It is easy to operate and maintenance free. The superior design also makes it safe to use and can stand rigorous operations.

          Demanded For

          • Efficient performance
          • Speedy operation
          • Robust construction
          • Safe to use
          • Longer working life


          • Bitumen Pump : 2" x 2" size Positive displacement gear Pump with output of 350 L. / Min. (Max)
          • Driving Unit : Kirloskar Engine Model HA-294, 25 BHP Air Cooled Engine Vertical type
          • Bitumen Spraying Pressure : 0 to 6 Kg/cm?2
          • Tachometer : Slow Speed 0.5 m/ min
          • Capacity : 7000 L

          • Bitumen Pressure 01

          • Bitumen Pressure 02

          • Bitumen Pressure 03

          • Bitumen Pressure 04

          • Bitumen Pressure 05

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