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          Shitla Road Equipments

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          Contact Us

          359, Gidc, B/h. Sarvodaya Bank, Dediyasan, Mehsana-384002., Mahesana, Gujarat - 384002, India

          Mobile : +91-9825031838

          Phone : +91-2762-224482

          Fax : +91-2762-224771


          Bitumen Sprayer

          Bitumen Sprayer

          Since its establishment, Shitla Road Equipments has grown by leaps and bounds and today is acknowledged as a reputed Bitumen Sprayer Manufacturer. We are counted amongst the leading Industrial Bitumen Sprayer Suppliers, and our Bitumen Sprayer is used for tack coat work and surface dressing work in road construction. Moreover, the Bitumen Sprayer is used in both Bitumen and Emulsion works. Our Bitumen Sprayer, also known as Asphalt Sprayer, is of best quality and has a robust structure. Listed among the prominent Emulsion Sprayer Suppliers in India, our Emulsion Sprayer is manufactured from the finest components. The tank of the Bitumen Sprayer is fabricated from M.S. Sheet of 5 mm thickness and it is insulated by ceramic wool or glass wool up to 50 mm thickness and covered by 18 Gauge G.I. sheets.

          Standard Configurations :

          • Engine : 8 HP air cooled engine
          • Blower 5 HP capacity & optional air compressor
          • Burner for heating of the bitumen
          • Diesel/fuel tank
          • Bitumen pump
          • Reduction gear
          • Pneumatic tyres size - 900 x 20
          • S.S. corrugated pipe of 3 mtr. length
          • Single spray Nozzle

          Optional Feature : Barrel Loading Attachment
          Known For :

          • Easy to operate
          • Low maintenance
          • High efficiency
          • Low operating cost


          Pneumatic tyres size 900 x 20
          S.S. corrugated pipe 3 mtr. length
          Engine 8 HP air cooled engine
          Blower Capacity 5 HP
          Nozzle Single spray
          Fuel tank Diesel

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